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ABOUT the Rowdy Hound Team

About George

Your friendly neighborhood dog trainers

Using “Positive First” methods, George and the team have help thousands of families. His work began at Petco in Anaheim Hills, but quickly saw a need for a better way.
To better serve the dogs and families in this community George traveled all across North America learning from the best dog trainers in the industry and even having some join the Rowdy Hound team.
Master Trainer: Aldo –
Assistant Trainer: Paul

Committed to improving the lives of dogs and those who love them

Dog Training is not a part time job to our team. It is a lifestyle. Our team has committed their lives to being of service to dogs and their families.

Professional Staff

Each of our trainers has years, if not decades of dog-specific education and skills development. Having won international competitions of Dog Training, been members of the International Associations of Canine Professionals, and  internationally recognized for their Dog services abilities; our team is more than able to help you with all your Dog Training needs.

Always improving

George and the team constantly seek to better serve the dogs and families in the community. If they can’t help your dog, then no one can.

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The Rowdy Hound Team has a combined multiple decades of Dog Training experience. They have been certified by Brands, Corporations, other Dog Trainers, Militaries, and even Governments for their extraordinary ability.

Petco, International Association of Canine Professionals, German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, K9-Lifeline, The Canine Paradigm, and others promote and support RHDT for their ways.