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I am very pleased with Aldo's approach and his interaction with Lily. It's a relief to have a 'trainer' who understands that dogs are feeling creatures; that there is an emotional side that must be acknowledged before any form of training can be addressed.

Alice S.

Loved working with George! He really knows his stuff and explains things thoroughly.

Jordan U.

George and company are the best! They truly love their dogs. Can't recommend more highly.

Scott M.

I wouldn't take my baby any place else. The best in all of Los Angeles

Alyma D.

My dog just loves working with George and his team. I highly recommend.

Kathy P.

Took my little hyper maltese to George for puppy obedience and George made a class for us with other pups her age and size, he was very patient and calm and my puppy at that time learned what was expected for those classes. I was so impressed with his teaching methods that I enrolled her in the next phase and she learned and passed that class. If I had any questions or problems his policy was to go see him or call him and he took the time.

Tony L

George did a wonderful job during our consultation helping me understand what type of dog I have (nervous/anxious), why she behaves the way she does (protective/stressed), what we need to do to help her (positive rewarding), and I feel very confident with his training she will become a more calm, obedient, happy dog!

Melissa J.